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Remarketing Services

Studies show that remarketing – marketing to existing customers and unconverted website visitors – can increase conversion rates by 50% or more.

Anyone with sales or marketing experience knows your best prospect is an existing customer. Almost as good is the prospect who has had some interaction with your brand. A distant third are prospects who have never heard of you.

Strangely, most Internet marketing strategies focus entirely on converting those third level prospects, while ignoring existing customers and previous site visitors. As a result, a conversion rate of 2% — failing 98% of the time – is considered stellar performance.

You can do much better! Retargeting solutions allow companies to redefine success by targeting ads specifically to people who know your brand, like your brand and buy your brand.

Remarketing programs have boosted conversion rates by 50%, 100% or more. Increases of that magnitude generate explosive sales growth and transform marketing ROI.

How Our Remarketing Service Works

  • Identify and track existing customers and site visitors
  • Create and display ads to these users when they visit other websites
  • Track conversions to determine which ads and sites are delivering the best ROI
  • Refine remarketing ads and ad placements

If remarketing is so simple and produces such great results, why don’t more companies do it?

Great question! Here’s why:

  • The company doesn’t know remarketing exists
  • The company’s marketing agency doesn’t have the expertise to craft a program